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Alarid Technical Solutions is firmly against the "one size fits all" philosophy of large-volume computer manufacturers. We strive to maximize the cost-performance ratio of each machine and to that end we do not only allow modifications to our designs but we warmly embrace them. We believe that every dollar spent on a computer should be reflected in its performance.

This is why our website does not have a shopping cart. When you contact ATS regarding purchasing a computer, you can expect personalized service from one our knowledgeable sales representatives. We like to ask each user a few questions about how they intend to use their new computer and what their expectations are, in order to better ensure a one-of-a-kind, quality experience with each machine.

In the next few weeks, you can expect to see buttons appear on our computer listings to assist you in contacting us for a quote. For now, please direct your inquiries to and one of our representatives will contact you directly. Thank you for your interest in our computers.

"Our Opponents Cut Corners; We Tailor Them"

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